Joyce Kamikura

artist painting in her studio

I was one of the first Canadians to be bestowed Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS – U.S.A.). I was also one of the first women to be given the top ranking title in the Federation of Canadian Artists as a Senior Signature Member (SFCA). Exhibitions of my works in national and international juried exhibitions have earned me many articles internationally.
My Paintings represent my personal response to my surroundings. My ideas are fragments of what fascinate and intrigue me, and are roots from which my works begin to emerge. They are derived mainly from objects in nature. Often something insignificant and unexpected flashes and whistles at me, transforming my idea into shapes, colours, lines etc. As a result, although my works undoubtedly have origins in my daily living, they may be a good deal removed from reality; some of them may be quite representational while others more abstracted. When painting, I derive a great deal of pleasure from the process of painting, struggling with possibilities and permutations, rather than the arriving of the end product.
If you have further interest in any of the paintings, including price, availability, and location, do not hesitate to contact me. Please identify the painting by title and the 6 digit number after title.