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Emmett Chan

Artist with his painting

Emmett S. Chan 陳智峯 is a Chinese brush painting painter who has had a fascination for this style at an early age. He began to study this style of painting at the Chinese Cultural Center at the age of ten. He stepped away from art for a couple years because of an injury and a turn of events. Afterwards, he returned to continue art under his teacher Man Shan Law. Being Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver from a young age his art has allowed him to connect with his cultural heritage. Throughout his life his interest in wildlife and the natural world has been fostered and continually cultivated. In his words:”For my paintings, I look to the beauty of the natural world to show me how to paint. Regardless of the subject matter, whether it is a roaring waterfall or a tranquil hummingbird in flight, this practice underscores my artwork. Through ink and brush I translate the beauty of nature onto the unforgiving medium of rice paper.”