MM Van Tassell

About Marlene Van Tassell and her work:

I am mostly a self-taught artist who has always enjoyed drawing and challenging my skill of the portrait to capture an essence of the personality. Even though in my teenage years I had contemplated an education in the Fine arts at that time I chose the sciences/technology as a career choice perhaps because of growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia the arts did not seem to be a viable avenue as it was looked upon more as a hobby. Yet a family friend who was a portrait artist did inspire and encourage my interest in portraiture where I shared the Saturday afternoon’s admiring her work. My interest in drawing and painting always remained given the freedom to focus with the occasional workshops at the Vancouver Art Academy in portraiture and a few classes one architectural perspective and illustration at Emily Carr.

I enjoy life drawing as it keeps me close to my artistic spirit and gives me the opportunity to refine my observational skills of the portrait and the figure. I do like painting other subject matters and being experimental but I must say portraits remain my favorite.