Pat Thorson

About Pat Thorson and her work:

Pat Thorson was born and raised in Vanvouver, B.C. and now resides in Richmond, B.C.
Pat was interested in art early on, attending the Vancouver School of Art and receiving a Painting in the Parks summer course as a child. She majored in art in high school and in Art Education at the University of B.C. In her professional career, Pat turned her interest into teaching art to her students.
After 35 years of teaching she is pursuing her interest in watercolour painting through courses and workshops. She is a member of the Richmond Artist’s Guild and the Riverside Art Circle. For Pat, watercolour is her medium of choice. ” I love the transluscent nature of watercolour.” Although she is interested in painting many different subjects, her favourite subject to paint is animals.
” If I can find the spirit and the soul of an animal, then my painting is a success.”